BestCo develops and manufactures consumer healthcare products in a broad range of dosage formats and packaging options in our ongoing quest to make drug products and dietary supplements that are more palatable, more appealing, and ultimately, more commercially successful.

  • LozengesLozenges
    • Die-formed & Deposited
    • Solid & Liquid Center
    • Lollipops
    • Dual colors and/or flavors
    • High-boiled sugar and sugar-free lozenges
  • Soft ChewsSoft Chews
    • Cut & Wrap
  • Pan-Coated ChewsPan-Coated Chews
    • Confectionery shell covering with a chewy core
  • InnovationInnovation
    • Creating, developing and producing what’s next
All the above formats are available with or without inclusions; sugared or sugar-free.
Kosher and gluten-free options are also available.
packaging formats
  • Primary  Packaging

    Primary Packaging

    • Twist wrap
    • Pillow pack/ flow wrap
    • Cut-and-wrap (dead-fold)
    • Stick pack
    • Rolls
    • Blister packs
    • Bottles
  • Secondary Packaging

    Secondary Packaging

    • Vertical-form-fill-seal
    • Horizontal (3-sided) form-fill-seal with or without zipper
    • Pre-formed pouches with or without zipper
    • Stand-up bags with or without zipper
    • Folding cartons
    • Bundling
    • Shelf-ready cartons
  • Point-of-Sale displays

    Point-of-Sale Displays

    • Floor stands
    • Power panels
    • End caps
    • Clip-strips
    • Other