Our Logo


Coinciding with our launch of BestCo is a new corporate logo. It also reflects our evolution into a more diversified company, while retaining some of the elements from our previous logo and proud past.

In the new logo, we still utilize a recognizable grouping of both small and large drops but the splashes are organized rather than random in appearance.

They now work together to create a continuous cycle, which symbolizes a process and the interconnection – or partnership – between BestCo and its customers. The contrast of an organic, fluid shape arranged to build a solid form but in constant motion. Always evolving, representing technical progress and limitless opportunities.

One thing is set in stone: Our commitment to quality and innovation.

Former Names

We started as the Durban Confectionery, Coffee & Spice Works in 1931. We have, on occasion, changed the name to better reflect our work, our customers and our industry. We changed the name to BestSweet in 2001.