BestSweet is now BestCo!

In May, 2013, BestSweet changed its name to BestCo. Why?

BestCo is a subtle departure from BestSweet – but reflects the significant transformation of the company in recent years.

BestSweet began as a candy company. And while candy remains one of our product categories, the bulk of our business – and our growth – comes from our position as a premier manufacturer and developer of innovative, high-quality, consumer healthcare products for consumer healthcare marketers and retailers.

So, the “sweet” part of our name was actually conveying the wrong message. While we strive to make medicine taste good in our confectionery delivery format, we are no longer a pure-play candy company.

We chose the name “BestCo” because it maintains some of the brand equity of the BestSweet name while adding a more neutral component that allows flexibility as we continue to expand our offerings. Importantly, we kept the “Best” in our name – because we believe we truly offer the best production, service and innovation in the industry.

What else is changing?

Our Logo

BestCo also has a new corporate logo. Click here to see the new logo and what it represents.