A Taste of Success

BestCo was founded in 1976 as Beacon Sweets in Newark, New Jersey. Our roots as confectioners endowed us with an innate understanding of what excites consumers’ tastes. We applied this knowledge to the science of consumer healthcare products, demonstrating a unique ability to make these products more palatable and appealing – and in time, proving ourselves as true innovators in the industry.

In 1988, having expanded considerably, we moved to our current location in Mooresville, North Carolina. This expansive 40-acre campus, complete with state-of-the-art manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities, allows us to put our full capabilities to work.

As we evolved, our name changed. From 2001, we were known as BestSweet. In 2013 we changed our company name to BestCo to better reflect the shift we have undergone to become the leading developer of innovative, highly-palatable dosage forms for OTC drug products and dietary supplements.

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A Splash of Success