Our History

Our History


Our roots as confectioners endowed us with an innate understanding of what excites consumers’ tastes.

BestCo‘s long-standing heritage as a candy confectioner dates back to 1894. We have an innate understanding of what excites consumers’ tastes and we’ve applied this knowledge to the science of consumer healthcare products — demonstrating a unique ability to make these products more palatable and appealing. This innovation has grounded BestCo as an industry pioneer through our development of new and enjoyable dosage formats over the last 40 years.

Soft Chews
Super Gels
New Distribution Center 2020

Durban Confectionary Spice Works

Durban Confectionary Spice Works was founded in Durban, South Africa.

Company acquired by Hymie Zulman

Company was acquired by a Lithuanian immigrant, Hymie Zulman, and his wife Mary and became Durban Confectionary Coffee & Spice Works. They produced handmade boiled sweets, toffees, cordials and coffee with a small team of six workers.

Beacon Sweets & Chocolates Ltd.

On a business trip to the UK, Mr. Zulman saw a neon-light advertisement in the shape of a lighthouse, which inspired him to change his brand name to Beacon.

Beacon acquired Four Star Candy Co.

Beacon acquired Four Star Candy Co. in New Jersey. Four Star was best known for their playful and promotional candy treats.

Beacon begins manufacturing lozenges

Beacon begins manufacturing lozenges for healthcare applications.

Beacon relocates

Beacon relocates New Jersey operations to Mooresville, NC.

Soft Chews

Beacon begins manufacturing delicious Soft Chews for over-the-counter healthcare applications.


Beacon Sweets becomes BestSweet

The SuperChew®

BestSweet launches the industry’s first pan-coated chew for OTC applications – the SuperChew®.

BestSweet becomes BestCo

BestSweet becomes BestCo, reflecting our evolution into a more diversified company, while also retaining some of the elements from our previous logo and past.

The SuperGel™

BestCo launches the SuperGel™ — the world’s first drug-compliant chewable gel gummy.

Roundtable Company

BestCo becomes a Roundtable Company and joins the Santa Cruz Healthcare family of companies

BestCo opens a second distribution center

As part our continued commitment to service excellence, BestCo opens a second distribution center – a 230,000 sq. ft. facility located in Mooresville, NC.


Charlotte-area manufacturer to add 141 jobs in $48M expansion

A 30-year-old Mooresville manufacturing company will create 141 new jobs in a $47.5 million expansion of its over-the-counter drug and dietary supplement business. At last count, BestCo, formerly …

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